Monday, September 3, 2018

Lightening Pictures // Monsoon Season Continues

The lightening shows during a storm in monsoon season are amazing.  I enjoy trying to capture some of the strikes we see and I thought I'd share some here.  The lightening pictures at night are a little fuzzy but everything is off my phone.

Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Overnight Camping Trip

On a recent Saturday afternoon we decided to go camping overnight at Turkey Creek!  These beautiful little wildflowers were scattered throughout the campground.  I picked a few to brighten up our camp table :)

Saturday evening we hiked up a little ways from the campground.

The views were beautiful!

We got to watch part of the sunset before we headed back down to our camp site.

We left the mountains on Sunday afternoon feeling refreshed and grateful to have such an enjoyable place to camp near by where we live.

Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Monsoon Season

Before moving to Arizona, I never fully understood the excitement surrounding monsoon season.  Now that I've lived here and have experienced monsoon season firsthand, I now know why this is "the best time of the year"!  Rain almost every day, cloudy skies, gorgeous sunsets, and lightning shows like none other are just a few of the reasons why I now love monsoon season.

I love Arizona's stormy skies!

One evening the sun was shining behind the storm clouds, making the rain literally glow!

The sunsets are always gorgeous with the fading sunlight reflecting back on the clouds in the valley.

Another beautiful sunset we witnessed while out checking pivots one evening...

The only downside to monsoon season is the wildfires that are caused by lightning striking outside of the rain.  This was a small fire about 20 miles south west of our house.

Lots of rain = puddles everywhere
Puddles everywhere = muddy toddler 

My friend, Joy, captured this beautiful shot of a lightening strike!

 One evening, on the way home from Sierra Vista, we saw an amazing storm with some epic lightening.

Lightening shows at night are amazing!

Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Summertime ☀️

Summertime is here and we are taking advantage of every weekend!  We enjoyed a trip to Lake Roosevelt with Juliana and her dad.  Justin's brother, Jesse, also came with us and we all had a blast on the water!

Jesse and Justin getting a wild ride on the tube.

Saturday was rainy and cloudy so we didn't get out on the lake until later in the afternoon.
Benaiah loves waving at people so every boat he saw got a sweet little "hello" :)

Justin, Benaiah, and I took a slower ride on the tube together.

Little Captain all ready to drive the boat :)

...and ready to give a friendly wave to anyone in sight!

Taking a break and enjoying the water after another wild tube ride!

Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Weekend on Patagonia Lake

A few weekends ago, Justin took Benaiah and I to Patagonia Lake for a little weekend getaway.  
We had a great time fishing, swimming, and just relaxing as a family!

Saturday afternoon it rained a little bit so we pulled a tarp over the boat to keep us dry.  Justin and Benaiah fished out the side of the boat once the rain let up a bit.

We caught quite a few small fish while we were there...

Benaiah loves the water!

The weekend away wore the little dude out!


Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Baling over 2,000 Acres of Oat Hay

The beginning of this year held a little bit of change for us as Justin switched jobs and began working for the same farmer as his brother, Jaylon.  Paul is a very nice boss and Justin really likes working for him.  
This spring held some long hours for Justin and Jaylon as they swathed and baled over 2,000 acres of oat hay.  In the winter, after harvest is over and the fields have been disked, they spread oat seed as a cover crop.  Come springtime they swath the oat fields and then comes the long nights of baling.  They have to bale at night so there is a little bit of moisture in the bales.

Benaiah and I went to ride with Justin in the swather a few times.

After the oats are cut and baled they plant corn into the oat stubble.  The pivots are started and the corn begins to grow!  The oat stubble acts as a "straw" and carries the water down into the soil for the corn seed.

When you bale over 14,000 bales, a lot of twine is used!  They use this much almost every night!

 Those all-nighters in the tractor baling can get pretty long so Benaiah and I went to ride with Justin a few times.

Benaiah just sleeps the night away on a little blanket bed on the floor...

Once they finish baling a field (120 acres) there are about 1,000 bales to pick up and stack before the corn seed can be planted.  They had a nifty machine called a Milstak that they drove around and it picked up the bale and placed it on the bed.  After they had their load of 12 bales they drove to the edge of the field and the bed tipped up to stack them.  

If you're wondering why I keep talking about the Milstak in past tense it's because it burnt to the ground in the middle of baling season.  

Neither Jaylon or Justin were responsible for this accident.

Within less than a week after the fire, another Milstak had been ordered.  In the meantime before it arrived, Justin and Jaylon had to pick up bales with a loader, truck, and trailer.

One morning Benaiah and I went to ride with Justin in the semi while he drove around and Jaylon loaded the trailer.

The new Milstak arrived and was put to work right away.  This one you pull behind a tractor but it does the same job as the self propelled Milstak.

Here's a little video to give you a better idea of how the Milstak works.

The rocking of the tractor puts Benaiah right to sleep...

 Benaiah loves to go visit his daddy at work!!
(Don't worry, the tractor was parked and shut off :)

Notice the huge stack of bales in the background!  They usually have a stack like this in each pivot corner.